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Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from fossil powered sources.

The amount of renewable energy being harnessed from the wind is growing rapidly in Nunavut. There is abundant wind resource in the region, and if harnessed systematically, it can be used to generate electricity, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil powered sources. However, current efforts have been geared towards high-end turbines for large-scale projects, while residential uptake has been very limited. To take advantage of this resource, Illu is currently working with experts to design and test small-scale residential-based wind turbines and smart electricity grids to support the collection, storage, and dissemination of electricity to homes.


We are currently looking into two R&D use-cases:


1. Wind turbines installed in homes and connected to a centralised photovoltaic solar cell grid.

2. Stand-alone wind turbines with integrated battery cells for storing and discharging electricity to residential buildings.